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OUR FARM – History of the Name

nerinaThe Nerina flowers from mid February to end March (sometimes into April). The Nerina flower is a very big part of our culture and tradition. When there is a birth, death, or wedding in the family during the blooming of the Nerina’s we as a family go up the mountain to pick Nerina’s. When Ouma Pietnel got married, Oupa Johannes went up the mountain to pick Nerina’s for Ouma’s wedding bouquet. You’ll read more about Ouma…

When it was time to name the farm, they decided that it couldn’t be anything but NERINA.

Nerina is a 6th generation working Farm.


History of our Buildings

The Nerina Manor House was built in the great depression and renovated in 1943 in the middle of the 2nd World War. There was nothing luxurious in the building material. It was a house where families grew up and her doors were always open to the orphaned, the widowed and the outcasts. Ouma Pietnel (born Petronella) was the glue that kept the family together. Although everyone was struggling during their time on Nerina she always had more to give, what she could not give in shelter she would give in food or friendship.

If the walls could talk she would tell us about the death, the pain & sorrow, but she would also tell us about the births, the love & celebrations that went on within her walls. Ouma’s original home was changed into a guest house in 2004.

The Rondavel was built in 1945 and renovated in 1992 for the older boys in our family. Changed to a guest unit in 2002.

B&B Rooms – started off as a garage and workshop, renovated in 2009 into guest rooms

Summer Bush Camps – while guests were enjoying a trip on the Kolgans River Restaurant we were asked, can’t we camp here next to the river? The idea for the River Bush Camp was born and built in 2004


Kolgans River Boat – a bit of history

"Kolgans" is the Afrikaans name for the Egyptian Goose and is named for the "kol", the spot or target on its chest.

We started the Kolgans River Restaurant in 2001 as a financial add-on to our farming business. This was going to be a challenge as we knew that we wanted something out of the ordinary and something that would blend into the environment, but we didn’t have the resources to build her. So we looked around on the farm and used what we had.

The woodwork is oak from a tree that was cut down in 1995. Her roof is scaffolding that was used in the renovation of the Robertson East community church. She was built by hand and for 3 months her home was in front of the garage, until she was put to water in November 2001.

We now have 2 smaller boats – the Kolgans boat had chick’s – called Ben se Kolgans Kuiken and Carin se Kolgans Kuiken – named for my children.


Burcon Trail Rides

I started riding at the age of 2 when my Dad’s used to put me on Venus’ back (our plough horse) while he was ploughing the land. I remember looking into his eyes and knowing horses would be a big part of my life. Horses are my life, my love, and my passion, I would like to share that passion with you. I have over 30 years riding experience, 10 years in training kids to ride, 5 years in training disabled kids, over 15 years in doing trail rides and over 20 years in training horses. Most of the horses on our farm were the outcasts and the mis-understood. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to rehabilitate them. I would like to introduce them to you:

Monty: American Saddler born 1997, of all the horses he was the most abused. Monty changed from a fragile little thing to a very proud, active & playful horse.
Tequila: Boer / Thouroughbted cross loves kids and have a very playful nature he is a very slow boat though, perfect for beginners and intermediate riders He is a chestnut, but should have been a blond.
Whiskey: Dun Anglo arab Boerperd cross. Also very kid friendly perfect for intermediate to advance. She came to the farm for a 6 month training stay and sort of got stuck. She loves the farm and her owners decided that she should stay.
Thamshaka (God’s Gift): Arab / Saddler cross, born on the farm from a rescue named Dousha on 31 Aug 1999. The love of my life.
Thaki (Free Spirit): Saddler cross, born on the farm 14 Jan 2001. My daughters horse and a very keen rider.
Amber (better known as Dowwe Dolla): Thoroughbred, born 8 Oct 2001. She was given to me, because it was believed her back is too hollow and therefore would not be able to be riden.
Pure Joy: Thoroughbred, born 2001. She was given to me, because she could not breed anymore. She is very laidback and great with kids.
Bayanda: Thoroughbred, born 2005. He was given to me, because he is too small and was “too wild” to train (actually just very inelegant). Takes well to children and just wants attention all day.
Jesica (O’ Jessie, my Jessie) : Born 2005 and imported from USA (came over by plane at the age of 2). She was described to me as a vicious, “out of control” horse with no ability to be trained. She would attack at random, but soon enough she opened up to me and showed me her kind heart. It took me 5 months to convince her that it was ok to trust again. She is so willing to learn and eager to please.
Aurora: Anglo Arab was born from Jessica on the 2nd of September 2013 Aurora means new beginnigs. He was 1 of twins and are a handsome fellow with his moms spirit and way to much energy.